Around the early 19th to late 20th century, there used to be such a person called the Milkman. He would come in the morning to deliver fresh milk right up to your door step. It also wasn't uncommon for the Milkman to deliver products other than milk like eggs, cream, cheese, butter, yogurt, or soft drinks. Fast forward to the 21st century and you won't hear much about a Milkman making house deliveries anymore, well.....until now.

Exclusive Delivery Co. is based on two milkmen (Leroy and Johnny) who deliver more than just milk. This can include, but not limited to: cruising around in their milk truck, to getting caught with someone else's girl in their bed, or fighting off a 3-headed beast, to smoking from a milk carton bong with the homies. Maybe even being chased down by your favorite horror movie character, to showing up at a bachelorette party to party with all of the ladies.

As you can see, there's no telling what they will get theirselves into, so just make sure you keep an eye out for that man in an all white uniform carrying milk bottles because he just might be delivering more than milk. Don't worry though, we always handle with care!